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I used to tell stories on TV. Now, I tell them everywhere!

Born in Argentina, raised in Richmond VA and have since lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ohio. 

I worked in Local TV News for 5 years, where I was nominated for 3 Emmys and finally won one in 2021.

Even though I'd been hearing voice actors for years on the radio, in commercials and even the video games I'd loved to play as a kid, I never realized that was something you could do.

When I discovered the Dungeons and Dragons podcast Critical Role, it opened my eyes to that whole world and I've pursued it with tenacity ever since.

When I'm not doing voiceover, I'm a cat dad, who loves to cook, listen to power metal, and play video games and D&D.

Check out my feature in The Next Frame, a podcast all about being in the creative field.

A look back at my past as a News Reporter, feel free to flip through the playlist!

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